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Studio Backdrops

BJC Photography offers approximately 40 different backdrops to customize your photo session.  One Session can include up to 3 backdrops, if time permits.  Please refer to this page prior to your session so that the studio can be ready for your arrival! 

Backdrop Sizes & Set up:

 Backdrops are ordered in a number of sizes, please use the information below as a reference for planning your session and picking your backdrops accordingly.  Backdrops can be set up with, or without the props shown below.  Please keep in  mind that BJC Photography may not have each prop shown in the images below, as they may have been brought by the client.

Backdrops 5x6, 6x6 & 5x7 - can accommodate newborns, toddlers & children up to 7 years of age.

Backdrops 6x8 - These backdrops are ideal for any occasion or age group and can usually accommodate up to a family of 6.


Backdrops 8x8 + - Ideal for  family photos.  BJC Photography studio can accommodate in studio family photos for groups up to 10 people.  Groups larger than ten can be accommodated by an on location photo session. 

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